Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diaper Dekor Plus 2-pk. Refill

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Convenient, economical, and now completely biodegradable! The Diaper D├ękor refills are easy to use and offer great capacity, holding up to 335 diapers each. 2 pack.

Product Features

* Each Diaper Dekor Plus Refill holds about 46 diapers per bag or about 590 newborn diapers per refill
* 2 pack

This is an excellent product for being both functional and biodegradable.

We use Seventh Generation diapers and the biodegradable bag means that they will degrade sooner to expose the diapers to biodegradation sooner. We use biodegradable trash bags as well. Composting or flushing the diapers is not an option as we live in the city.

We really love the lack of plastic smell with the biodegradable diapers. The normal liners have a strong perfume smell to mask the smell of the diapers. The less perfume and dyes the better.

The bags have never broken.

We put our diaper pales in the guest bathrooms on the first and second floors of the house that both have high throughput Panasonic fans. The smell is only a minor issue. We could never understand why people put diapers pales in bedrooms.

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